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oh man it’s hot | and we sure laughed a lot | there’s paint in the sink | and i could use a drink | i wipe the brushes off | i gotta ditch this cough | gotta sing tomorrow | gonna ditch the sorrow | running low on money | please go to work honey | i’m turning 30 soon | we’re sharing one bedroom | it’s like it’s one step and two more back | one sip i get a buzz like that | one break i’m gonna catch it soon | i’m talking green dollar bills and a bigger bedroom | go on and wash the dog | he’ll roll in dirt again | i guess i could grow up | but then my dream would end | i like to walk about | beneath a sunny sky | i like to wonder why


baby wake up it’s time to head down to the sea | i’ll bring weed if you bring beer then we won’t need no money will we | baby come on let’s mark our spot and settle down | i’ll break out the sunscreen and sugar you can rub it around | i really wish every single day was a beach day | there’s nothing else i really want to do | i really wish every single day was a beach day | i love having a beach day with you | with you | my buttercup would you mind passing me a can | we both love the simple life and that’s why you’re my man | baby that smile makes me smile kiss me in the sand | i love the palm trees, cool breeze, you here with me, a big blue ocean and | i like corona light | i don’t need no lime | and i don’t need no limelight do i | sunshine my baby by my side | and i got all i need in life | i really wish every single day was a beach day


it’s a crazy world | so much to understand | so many people | so little land | and some of us are dead inside and some so alive | most of us are breaking our backs just trying to survive | keep your head high | there’s a lot you can do if you try | if you feel low | all you can do is let go | let it go | it’s a troubled love | complications, reservations like are you the one for me | and how the hell can we make this work | can’t even pay the bills | can’t seem to catch a break | it all comes down to complications | complicated | this love, this life | so complicated, but aint it nice


pick your poison | pick your groove | get on that dance floor | move baby move | pick your lover | your fantasy | don’t mind the haters | who disagree | you got to let loose, keep an open mind | we only get so little time baby | gotta live it up, gotta live it up | i wake up in the morning | aint nobody gonna bring me down | i wake up in the morning | aint nobody gonna bring me down | life is a party


love is the water | we are the sky | alone we will fall | together we fly | sure as the morning | bright as the moon | i will see you | i will see you soon | i got around with you, around and around | i am bound to you, bound i am bound i am | captivated, fixated | surrounding me, wound i am wound to you endlessly | evermore, evermore | always, eternally | beyond the being | i know your sound | i promise to find you | after the ground | sure as the winter, alone in this room | i will see you | i will see you soon


i’ve been in love before | i tell you it’s different, i tell you why | i love him more than anything under the whole big sky | goodbye to the wondering and the searching for something more | i got my baby, he’s all i’m looking for | let their be love songs | let their be harmony | i’m leaving the lonesome behind me now | it’s all for my baby | let their be kisses | sweeter than taffy | we are together now my love | let there be | no more tears on my guitar | just a pair of loving arms wrapped around my heart | tells me his secrets, i tell him mine | sure as the morning | pure as the sunshine | good by the sleepless nights and the endless fights i’ve know | me and my baby don’t have to be alone | goodbye to the pain and the rain coming down | i don’t need anything | long as my baby’s around | let there be love songs


life moves too fast | always pushing on | i finally got second to stop and wonder where the years have gone | are you lonely | i sure could use someone like you | at a time like this a little of your loving could keep me from getting too blue | hey baby if you don’t mind, i’d like to go for a little ride | take me to the ocean | lay me down in the sand | it’s been too long since i’ve known the loving of a man | tell me lies | make me feel alright | gimme love | gimme love tonight | the sound of the water | the tide coming in | the smell of the sweet and salty air, the touch of your skin | stars in heaven | shining all their light | and there’s no place else i’d rather be tonight | say you want me more | than anybody else before baby | a girl like me shouldn’t have to be lonely | i think a guy like you could understand


i know you want me | i can see it all over your face | you really dig my style | i can’t go rushing into something serious | if i give an inch, don’t go running a mile | take time to get to know me | take time to make me smile | oh don’t you push for more, good things are worth waiting for | take time | the best things in life are slow | like sunsets and sundays when you just lay low | i got a bottle of real fine wine | bring yourself over here and unwind | we can take time to get to know you | take time to turn you on | i’ll learn your favorite things | come see what good loving brings take time | all the rush and the hustle of the city got me ready to take things slow baby | a bit at a time i’m gonna blow your mind | i think you already know


i showed up in the town of golden haze | i was liquored up | haight-ashbury bound | hippie kids outside were getting blazed as hell | so i participated in a round | they got real good shit in california | i must say i was beside myself | i got stoned in san francisco | lost my money and my sense of time | i got stoned in san francisco baby | and it blew i said it blew my funky mind | funky mind | i came to outside the record store | no concept | how i’d been down | how long i’d been out | feeling like i gotta go find me some more baby, some more baby | and i knew a solution in the town | i set out to find myself a doctor | fifty dollars, he took care of me | i got stoned in san francisco


i been around | i seen some things, i spread my love, i chased my dreams | now there’s only one thing left for me to do | i gotta get me a map, pick me a place | take a little trip from the rat race | i’m thinking cuba via cancun | mmm … i can see me there | mmm … i can feel the vibe | mmm … water so blue baby | mmm … that’s all i wanna do | i’m tired, i’m so tired | hey you … do you know what i’m talking about | if you’re sick of the same routine | give me a shout out | hey you … you wanna have a little fu with me | try a little something new | get a little crazy | are you tired | i’m so tired | i take one shot, salt and lime | i take two shots, salt and lime | i take three shots, salt and lime | i take four shots, lose my mind | i take five shots, quitting time | i take six | i need sunshine everyday | to keep my blues away | i’m tired | i’m so tired | that’s right

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